What’s Your Fitness Goal?

Every night thousands slip into slumber dreaming of Kareena’s size 0 figure, Deepika’s  lean toned legs or Salmans six pack, only to wake up to the harsh reality of stubborn love handles, dimples in the wrong places and the love for dessert visible on the belly.

Every day thousands determine to make today the first day of their fitness journey and every night they decide to make tomorrow that day.

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Top 10 Dumbbell Exercises And Their Benefits

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made it extremely important for people to exercise regularly. Dumbbell exercises form an essential part of any strength training program. The most important benefit of dumbbell exercises is that along with strengthening the main muscle, it gets you input from other vital stabilising muscles as well.

7 Moves To Transform Your Abs

Sporting a flatter midsection is an ongoing goal for many of us. Some days, we feel bikini ready, and other days we would rather keep our stomach covered up. Whether you prefer flat or muscular abs, it takes time, dedication, consistency and the right combination of exercises. Here, we show you how to get a flat stomach with a workout by combining cardio, planks, and other additional ab exercises. This workout is designed to get your abs muscles exhausted, sore and then look amazing in 30 days. Good Luck.

50 Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The amount of fat in your body, at any one moment, is either increasing or decreasing—it’s never stagnant. Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you’ll bury your belly forever.

Sound simple? It is. You see, there’s no single secret formula for losing fat. In fact, find 100 successful losers and they’ll give you 100 different ways to win the battle of the bulge. Below you’ll find 56 tips designed to help you lose your belly fat, bust your gut, and define your abs. Simply incorporate three or four into your life every day, and you’ll finish off your fat easier and faster than you ever imagined possible.

5 No-Equipment Exercises To Rock Solid Abs

A tight and toned stomach is always in season. Move through this effective circuit two to three times for a complete workout, and help tone your belly. The best part is that there’s no equipment necessary! You can do this bodyweight routine just about anywhere.

10 Toughest Core Exercises To Flatten Your Belly

Who doesn’t want a tight and toned core, and perhaps abs that pop? In addition to looking great, a strong core really cuts down on back soreness and aches and pains, so core training isn’t just vanity, it’s healthy!

Here are some of our favorite core-strengthening exercises to get you baring your belly and standing straighter than ever.

Build a Booty in 3 Moves

Best exercises for buttridges are an especially incredible tool to grow and strengthen the backside. Add them to your routine if they’re not already included.

This exercise is great for its versatility and the fact that just about everyone can do this movement. It is especially good for those experiencing knee pain during standing load-bearing exercises. 

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